Latest News

May 2020:
After 29 years the Peter Williams Trust committee has decided to dissolve the trust.  We found with introduced regulatory restrictions that it was difficult  to provide grants to many smaller organisations working with young children and their families.  The trust’s remaining funds will be transferred to the Free Kindergarten Association and Ardoch, both having received support from the trust in the past. They both have proposed special and valuable programs, based in Victoria, that the trust funds will support.  We feel these are projects that will continue the goals of the Trust, supporting vulnerable children under five.

Background on the Trust
The Peter Williams Trust fund was established in 1991 by Alan & Dorothy Williams in memory of their son Peter who, after surviving a long illness that resulted in a 15 month coma at 9 years old, died in a hiking accident at the age of 16 years. In their respective careers both Alan and Dorothy have been a formidable team in the advocacy of quality services for pre-school children and their families, and especially for those children who faced the challenge of social and material disadvantage.